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ChessTV FAST Channel Joins FreeCast’s Growing Channel Lineup

The channel from Chess.com appeals to fans of all ages and skill levels.

FreeCast is announcing a new partnership with Chess.com, the world’s largest chess website, to bring ChessTV to its free streaming service. Powered by Chess.com and its community of over 140 million members, the ChessTV FAST channel appeals to a vast global audience, making it a perfect fit for online distribution via FreeCast. 

Chess TV is the ultimate destination for fans of the timeless game, from beginners to grandmasters. The channel features elite events including the Chess.com Global Chess Championship, the Speed Chess Championship, and the World Chess Championship. Viewers will see live broadcasts, original programming, and commentary from the most renowned chess personalities in the world, including Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, Fabiano Caruana, Anish Giri and many others. Chess.com was recently named as one of Time’s top-100 most influential companies.

"We're excited about the potential of our ChessTV channel in the FAST space" said Erik Allebest, CEO at Chess.com. "With millions of chess enthusiasts worldwide and a programming genre that is relatively untapped, there is a great opportunity to build a significant audience for our channel ahead of us.  ChessTV will complement the existing FreeCast channel lineup nicely."

Tracy West, FreeCast’s Executive Vice President of Digital Content, also discussed the broad global appeal of the channel: “Chess is game that’s got such a strong following, across countries and across generations. That’s something that can absolutely be leveraged with a FAST channel on FreeCast.”