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FreeCast and EnTouch Wireless Bring FreeCast's Video Service to Lifeline and ACP Program Customers

This new partnership will bring FreeCast's aggregated streaming product to Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program customers in 34 states.

FreeCast and EnTouch Wireless are partnering to provide a free TV solution to customers participating in the federal Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Programs. EnTouch Wireless will begin to promote FreeCast to their customers over the next two to three months. Existing customers will receive a text message (SMS) invite to register for FreeCast via a co-branded landing page. Newly distributed devices will be packaged with promotional materials and instructions to make installation and sign-up quick and easy.

Formerly known as SelectTV, FreeCast is an aggregated streaming service offering over 500,000 TV episodes, movies, and over 700 free streaming channels. FreeCast is an ideal service to pair with broadband and phone affordability programs because it allows customers to access a wide variety of content at no cost while allowing them to have complete control over their spending on subscriptions or pay-per-view media.

FreeCast's partnership with enTouch Wireless, as CEO David B. Dorwart highlighted, underscores the significance of equitable access to information and entertainment. “Integrating TV and streaming content into the services offered to Lifeline and ACP Customers is a groundbreaking move, bringing diverse content directly to consumers' fingertips. Through this initiative, users gain uninhibited access to a plethora of content, news, weather, and other important local information, fostering informed and active participation in our society that many of us take for granted each day.”

FreeCast CEO William Mobley discussed the decision to partner with EnTouch Wireless: "These federal programs offered by companies like enTouch Wireless make low-cost or free phone and broadband service available to millions that may otherwise not be able to afford access. We're excited to add even more value to that vital service with FreeCast, adding free and low-cost television and streaming entertainment. That's a big advantage, and we're giving these customers access to the informative and entertaining content many of us take for granted."

Lifeline customers who join through this program will also receive a free year of Value Channels, a bundle of 20 premium pay channels typically costing $6.99 per month.