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Outdoor Action TV Joins FreeCast’s Free Channels

A quality outdoor channel comes to FreeCast’s growing FAST platform.

FreeCast is announcing a partnership with CarecoTV LLC to bring Outdoor Action TV to FreeCast’s collection of FAST channels. The premier outdoor channel is the latest of over 700 free channels available on FreeCast, bringing more quality programming to the affordable TV aggregation service.   

Outdoor Action TV is a sports and lifestyle channel catering to outdoor enthusiasts. Its programming consists of over 2,500 episodes of adventures, stories, tips, and tricks from in the field and on the water. Already available on a variety of smart TV platforms, joining FreeCast’s lineup will bring the channel before even more new viewers. 

“We’re excited to announce this distribution addition for Outdoor Action TV,” said Wade Middleton, President of CarecoTV LLC. “Streaming services and platforms are seeing tremendous growth and it’s our mission to reach as many outdoorsmen and women as possible. Having Outdoor Action TV available on FreeCast at no additional cost is a big and valued step in promoting our diverse content for many years to come.”

FreeCast’s Executive Vice President of Digital Content, Tracy West, discussed the value added by the channel: “For folks who live in rural parts of the country, like to travel off the beaten path and spend time in the great outdoors, or even simply enjoy hunting and fishing, this is an excellent channel. It’s exactly the type of quality content catering to a unique interest that we love to have on FreeCast, and it shows the power of our platform for connecting specific audiences and content.”