FreeCast Adds FAST Channel Nosey to SelectTV

SelectTV’s latest channel addition offers daytime TV favorites 24/7. FreeCast is announcing another new channel coming to SelectTV customers at no cost. The company has signed an agreement with Nosey to bring their free streaming channel to new audiences via the SmartGuide platform. 2021 was a year of rapid growth for FreeCast and SelectTV, in terms of both features and the volume of content offered, particularly free ad-supported TV (FAST) channels. That trend is poised to continue into the new year. Launched in 2017, Nosey is a free channel featuring daytime talk and reality TV. This includes popular and recognizable favorites like Jerry Springer, Maury, Steve Wilkos, Divorce Court, and more. In addition to over 5000 episodes of these classics, Nosey has also developed a pair of original series: Judge Mom and Judge Dad.FreeCast’s Executive Vice President of Digital Content and Channel Distribution, Tracy West, discussed the channel and the value it brings to SelectTV: “There’s a reason this type of content performs so well in syndication. It’s popular, easy to watch, and often captivating. That’s our goal for our customers: make sure they always have something interesting to watch, even if they’re only spending a few dollars a month.”