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A New Streaming Industry Standard

"We do for streaming what cable did for broadcast television. Including bringing back 50%+ margins" - Bill Mobley CEO

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Introducing the FreeCast Platform Standard

The Industry

The streaming industry is creating its own problems. Industry leaders like Roku & SmartTV manufacturers require content providers to build their own infrastructure, software, and hardware just to be charged exorbitant fees by the hardware centric platforms to access its forms of monetization often taking 30% to 50%. The fragmentation of content among the major streaming services means everyone is spending a fortune managing their own "walled garden" while collectively driving up customer acquisition costs when competing for the same eyeballs. The Freecast platform is both the infrastructure and software for all content providers at no cost.

The Consumer

Consumers are frustrated and confused. Every streaming service and hardware device is doing their own thing. Different apps, hardware restrictions, migrating content, and frustrating user experiences are the current norm and will lead to the demand from consumers for an easy simple source for their entertainment. The FreeCast platform gives consumers that single experience across all their own devices in this new TV+ environment.

The Revenue

Today, every content service builds their own infrastructure. The Freecast platform revolutionizes the market by providing unified content management, server infrastructure, easy integration, and monetization tools. Allowing content providers to focus on what they do best and most importantly share in the advertising and subscription revenue pools from all the providers in the platform. The FreeCast Platform is the new streaming industry standard and benefits ALL the participating content providers.

The Marketing

The current marketing method of fighting over Google search terms has led to historically high customer acquisition costs. FreeCast changes the entire marketing environment by partnering with businesses that already have customer bases related to home services. Millions of potential customers receive a free subscription to the platform through partnerships with multi-dwelling unit developers (apartments, condominiums, campus living, communities), hospitality brands, broadband providers, mobile phone carriers, device manufacturers, retailers, membership organizations, and many others. The FreeCast platform creates a completely new marketing funnel at no cost to the content providers.

The Ultimate Entertainment Hub

TV Shows

Watch the latest episodes from top networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, A&E, and many more. Also enjoy hundreds of classic TV shows from the last 50 years.

Movie Reel


Browse by genre, actor, rating, and more to find the perfect movie for any occasion – thousands of free and pay-per-view titles, including the latest box office hits on-demand.

TV remote


Enjoy the ultimate lean-back experience with hundreds of 24/7 live channels covering everything from news and sports to music, comedy, and more.

Satellite dish

Live Sports & Events

Watch live game coverage from major sports subscriptions like NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and much more. Plus the biggest concerts, award shows, and other special events.



Get instant access to hundreds of streaming music options, or explore thousands of music videos, and live concerts from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and today.

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Manage and pay for all your subscriptions in one place. Find the lowest prices on premium content—never mistakenly pay for content already available for free.

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Free Content

FreeCast brings all the free content available online directly to the user from trusted sources, including the most popular broadcast and network channels.

Grid of streaming service providers

Subscription Manager

Unify your entertainment. Combine all of your subscriptions into one easy to use guide. With one single login, you can now access your favorite content by category or search without going to multiple apps.

In app pay-per-view manager

Pay-Per-View Deal Finder

Never pay more than you have to for a movie again with FreeCast’s Pay-Per-View Deal Finder. Enjoy watching your favorite movie rentals, downloads, and purchases across all your devices.

Live channel EPG


Watch hundreds of free streaming channels from the USA and International networks, à la carte channels by subscription, or payTV cable bundles from today’s popular online services.